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How online businesses and affiliate marketing are changing the way we shop

January 9th, 2012 · No Comments · affiliate marketing, google traffic, internet marketing

I hope everyone has come back from their holidays feeling relaxed, refresh and revitalized. Besides, 2012 is looking to be a phenomenal year for online businesses and making money online.

It’s interesting walking through these big shopping malls here in Australia and seeing a change in the large department stores on how they are marketing to the public, shoppers like you and me. One thing I did noticed this year is how some of the large department stores had sales on the week before Christmas as well as their big clear-out sales which they hold traditionally on Boxing Day. The reason why I mention this is I believe they (the large department stores) see a trend in how shoppers are shopping now a days. Besides the global financial crisis (GFC) stories in the news, which by the way, haven’t really had a big effect here in Australia, I think the large stores are seeing many of their Christmas shoppers going online to buy their gifts.

That is where we come in. If you are selling anything online, it is the perfect time to be in the online business.

I used to have a business selling supplements, protein, vitamins and so on. It was my challenge to set up an online business, shopping cart, payment gateway and organise products through distributors. It was very exciting and rewarding project. My site, reached 240,000 on the Alexa internet site rankings, meaning it was the 240,000 most popular or visited or linked to site on the internet. Not bad for a one person business. It was the classic story where my competitors thought I was like a and had a lot of resources available. To them, my store front was impressive, had a lot of products and the site was easy to navigate.

The point of my story is in fact, you don’t really need a physical product to sell online. As you probably know, you can sell any kind of products from other companies (affiliate marketing), or you can create an electronic product and sell online and let Clickbank handle the interfacing to the customer (order processing, billing, and complaints).

In fact, my is now an affiliate site. I don’t hold any inventory, I don’t deal with any customers, I just get paid a commission for every successful transaction from the company I send my customers too. I can get on and do what I enjoy, that is testing out strategies on sending more targeted internet traffic to my affiliate sites.

To get back to the title of my post, I would like to emphasis that we need to keep raising the bar in the business of internet marketing. It’s like training to be the best at something, like an elite sports person.  Practice the fundamentals, get coached by the best, explore and test new ideas and if you get knocked down, get back up and learn from your mistakes.

If you want to find out more about how to set up your own Affiliate Marketing business, just leave me a comment and I will endeavor to create some more videos on Affiliate Marketing. I am currently creating Apple and Android Apps and I’m thinking of creating a course on how to create your own Apple and Android Apps, so drop me a comment if you are interested in Apps.

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