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Top 10 Amazon Associates Affiliate Marketing Tips

October 18th, 2012 · 4 Comments · affiliate marketing, Amazon Associates, Sell Amazon Products

As you know from my previous post on how to make money online as an Amazon affiliate (wow, some great keywords here!), I am scouring the net looking for great tips on how to do so. Here are 10 affiliate marketing tips on how to research your niches, how to choose your merchants, tracking your clicks and conversions, and what methods of advertising your Amazon products, content, choosing banners and testing the different Amazon widgets. Have a read and leave any comments or suggestions below.

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With most affiliate marketing programs the buyer must purchase something to generate a commission, but there are merchants who will pay you for a sales lead. This usually requires a person who clicks from your link to the merchant to fill out a lead form with their contact information.

OK – so lets get started with the tips:

Affiliate Marketing Tip #1 – Select Your Merchants Carefully: A lot of affiliates select their merchants on the basis of who pays the highest commission, but like to select based on who has the best reputation and quality product. The next factor I look at is the sell-through rate –which merchants convert better.

Affiliate Marketing Tip #2 — Integrity Matters: Never recommend something you wouldn’t buy yourself. Whether you promote from a blog, email or a website, it has your name on it and you don’t want to promote anything you would not buy or use yourself or something you would not recommend to your mother or your sister. There are plenty of excellent affiliate merchants out there, so you can afford to be very selective.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II (With Amazon Instant Video Credit) Top 10 Amazon Associates Affiliate Marketing Tips

Affiliate Marketing Tip #3 – The Niche is Everything: You can’t earn money with affiliate marketing if you can’t get traffic to your website or blog. Competition on the Internet is fierce. Someone –or many others cover almost any topic or specialized area you can think of. Some competition is OK. In fact if you pick a niche that has a few competitors, that tells you that the niche is probably viable. But you don’t want to pick a product or a niche that is dominated by large professional affiliate marketers. Some examples of this would include mortgages, credit cards, lawyers, cancer treatments and so on. These areas have affiliate deals that pay huge commissions, but therefore they attract much more competition.

You are much better off with a smaller niche. So what’s a small niche? Well one of my in-laws has lived and traveled extensively to Spain. Whereas travel is a huge and highly competitive area, by narrowing it down to one country to write about you would have far less competition. If you really wanted to narrow it further, then you could even specialize in travel to the Costa del Sol region of Spain.

OK, we interrupt this post for an important announcement regarding Affiliate Marketing.

The best training I have seen for getting targeted traffic to your site is Jeff Johnson’s new TubeTrafficSecrets online course. I have been following Jeff for 5 years now and have used many of his techniques in generating affiliate marketing sales with my online business. Click on the link below and listen to 3 free traffic and how to get free leads from YouTube free training videos. I highly recommend just listening to the 3 x 10 minute videos. I know you will pick up some great tips on how to generate more internet traffic. In fact, I am using one of these tips on this page. Leave a comment and tell me if you know which tip I am using.

1351782816 Top 10 Amazon Associates Affiliate Marketing Tips

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Affiliate Marketing Tip #4 – Relevance: To be a successful affiliate the product you are promoting should be relevant to the content of the site you are promoting from. For example, if you write a blog about Bass fishing then your affiliate links and banners should appeal to bass fishermen. If you have banners for food and wine companies or cruise lines on your bass fishing blog, you may accidently get the occasional click and purchase –but it will be very occasional. Whereas if your links and banners were to a company that sells bass boats, rods and reels and bass fishing guides, they you will see a lot of potential earnings.

Affiliate Marketing Tip #5 – Avoid Overcrowding: If success at affiliate marketing could be achieved from throwing up pages of banners – then the world would have lots of millionaires. A site with pages of banners or rows banners stuffed under content has the opposite effect on people. It also has the added bonus of making your site look pretty ugly.

Affiliate Marketing Tip #6 — A Personal Recommendation Works the Best: I do use banners on my website and blog and they have their place. But nothing converts to sales better than when I make a personal recommendation. I only do this on products and services that I completely believe in and that I have tried myself. This goes back to the previous tip.

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Affiliate Marketing Tip #7 – Track Results: There are literally thousands of merchants with affiliate programs out there. So why would you work with one that isn’t performing? Let me give you an example. I am a big believer in home business owners incorporating their business. So in my books and on my website, I used to recommend Legal Zoom. Two things happened: Sales were slow and after a few months I received a couple of complaints from readers I had referred. Ok – so I looked around and found My Affiliate commissions from My are running double what I earned from Legal Zoom and I haven’t had any complaints. In fact, a few weeks after recommending them, I got an email from a reader praising them and thanking me for recommending them.

Affiliate Marketing Tip #8 – Use Multiple Merchants for Your Niche: You don’t want to overdo this, but don’t put all your eggs into one basket –or merchant. You can get away with three or four merchants and it is easy to spread these all around your site without overcrowding and pestering your readers with offers.

Affiliate Marketing Tip #9 – Create Original Content: There are a lot of article sites where you can get free content to use on your website or blog. There are free articles out there on almost any topic. But beware. Google looks for duplicate content. If they see an article on your website or blog that is identical to the content on others, they will penalize your site in the search results ranking. So always try for original content.

Affiliate Marketing Tip #10 – Change is good: Search engines are always looking for sites with new or changing content. You can build a static site and load it with content and it will get traffic for a time. But after a while, if Google visits your site and does not see any changes, it will not visit very often and eventually you will rank lower.

If you become good at building niche sites and the search engines find them, you can keep doing it. There are affiliate marketers who have dozens of sites. But once you get to that point, go back to each site at least monthly and add or change some of the content so Google and Yahoo will see your site as a place where readers will see up to date content.

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