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My name is Lorne Leahan and I am one of those “make money online” guys. My business goal is to have several income streams, generating money from online and affiliate marketing, 24 / 7/ 365.

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That's me with Jeff Johnson - Detroit, MI

I am passionate about Internet Marketing. It’s so ‘cool’ to make money while you sleep, travel, even work or volunteer your time in another job.

I also know to become good at something, you need to teach it to others. Teaching helps you get the basic concepts bedded in your mind and helps you in the long run.

I offer free Video Tutorials on ‘How to …’, hints and tips on Affiliate Marketing and other Internet Marketing. Hopefully, you can use this information to enhance yours efforts in generating money online.

I have traveled to the USA and UK to attend seminars and meet inspirational people like Jeff Johnson, the Internet Traffic Expert (guru) seen in the photo to the right. I have also met Amish Shah and Jay Styles in San Diego, another couple of awesome Internet Marketers.

I also offer a ’10 Top Tips to Affiliate Marketing’ eBook available when you sign up to my Newsletter list to the Left (red arrow points the way).

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